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 I arranged a day with Danny to attended his stables to take some photographs with himself and his beautiful horses. While on route it was just spitting with rain which I thought thats fine can work with that as it was windy and mite blow over but no the rain had other ideas and decided it would come down. 

I arrived at the stables where I was made welcome by a lovely female rider who was at the stables sorting out all the horse and made be a brew while we waiting for Danny to bring up Jay Jay from a stables just down the lane from where I was.

On meeting Danny we just got on like a house on fire you would have thought we had known each other for years.


When the run kept on pouring nod the wind was howling so we decided to use the small burn area to start with capturing some black background shoots of Jay Jay and also some with Danny which came out great.



Then I notice this lovely fresh looking double wooden doors which made a great backdrop loved the textures that come off it. I added a flash light in from a 45 degree angle to add more feature that a plan light which we was getting from the very dull stormy sky.

AE0Z0344-Edit-EditAE0Z0344-Edit-Edit AE0Z0358AE0Z0358


After a bitt we did some images inside the barn with the hay I used a flash with a grid to direct the light to where I wanted it to be to make the picture have more drama.

AE0Z0499AE0Z0499 AE0Z0444AE0Z0444


Other all for a very stormy day we managed to capture some great images. I will be returning to shoot with Danny again when we start to get some better weather and also will be working with more of his horses.

AE0Z0435AE0Z0435 AE0Z0323AE0Z0323

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Horses on the beach. Sunday 5th Feb the weather man said gale force winds from the west how wrong was they. Arrived at Formby Beach about 10am and sat and waited for friend to arrive where their 2 beautiful horse.

They arrived and saddled up and we walked over sand hills to get onto the main beach which just went for miles specially to the sea.

while the girls where galloping up and down the sea edge I become a happy snapper capturing every splash and expression on their faces even the horses who where in there element.

I noticed that once the sun came out that there was a nice shimmer of light across the wet sand and I asked them to rider towards the sun so I could capture some shadows of them on their horses.

After a good couple of hours in the beach we made our way back to the trailer where we all had a right good laugh and had some dinner.

Below is just some of the images captured that day I hope you like what you see.

Taken with:- Canon 1Dx, Canon 5DM3, Canon 100 - 400mm L MK2, Canon 24 - 105mm L AE0Z0555AE0Z0555

AE0Z0530AE0Z0530 AE0Z0804-EditAE0Z0804-Edit AE0Z0622AE0Z0622 CS3A0827-EditCS3A0827-Edit AE0Z0765AE0Z0765 AE0Z0793AE0Z0793 AE0Z0799AE0Z0799

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The White Lodge Knutsford I was contacted by the new owners of The White Lodge in Tabley Knutsford because they had seen my landscape work and asked if i could come along to the property and take image capturing some of the Autumn colours which was around the house.

​The White lodge is Set well back from Chester Road and accessed by a bridge over the brook, This former lodge to Tabley House as under construction stages at the moment.  Thought to be originally constructed in 1770, the building is listed Grade II. The unusually designed property has whitewashed brick elevations comprising two towers surmounted by a slate roof with an archway beneath. The lodge stands in an extensive plot with a large private garden to the rear. They wanted me to capture it as best as i could the land and surrounds fields. 

On arrival at 7am the light was just starting to peak from the darkness i met with the owners and had a quick look around but i made it very quick as i could see the mist starting to lift from the damp fields which i really wanted to capture because with mist it doesn't always stick around for long. Below is the images which was capture and i can't wait to return back to the property in 2017 when the house and land is all completed to photograph it more for the owners.




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Kay with Ziggy & Mojo Shelly Kay's daughter had contacted me about doing an equine Portraiture session for her mum's 50th Birthday present which we arranged a date which was suitable for both of us.

We made it a morning shoot to meet up at about 9am the weather was looking great some cloud in the sky but sometimes that is a good thing and the sunlight was perfect. I arrived at their lovely home which had their own stables on site and was made welcome from the start.

As always which I do with all my clients we had a walk around to see what areas we can and can't shoot in with the horses we had lovely black and white houses with great gardens and fencing to use, lovely stable area which made great background and a field with was perfect long grass with beautiful natural colours when the sun came out.

We started off with photographs around the house with the horses appearing over the gates then we moved on to the field then afterwards we finished off in the yard areas.

Below are some of the photograph which was captured.

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __


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Boudoir with Louise ​My client Louise came me to photo graph for a Boudoir style photo shoot for that special valentine's present for her other half.

I booked in to Millwood Studio for the afternoon and i captured hundreds of images but my client will only allow me to show you a selection.

Below are just a couple of images I captured.

Happy Viewing.



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Equestrian Photography What a great day I had on Thursday taking pictures for a client of their lovely horse Jack and also their friends horse Marco. 

The sun was shining not a breeze at all perfect weather to get some perfect images. 

We started off in the run where Jack just let off some steam then we went out the girls was riding of course we went up to Hartshead Pike while I was taking photographs well the girls did I waited on the lane while until they came back down.

On arriving back at the stables both horses after a couple more photograph just loved it when all there saddles and rains was taken off they loved rolling and blowing off more steam before it was time for them to get there fly nets on and went out to the fields while the girls mucked out.



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Solar Eclipse UK 2015 Wow What a morning it was i came home from work after a night shift and got my Canon 1Dx with a sigmas 150-500mm and solar filter paper elasticated to the front. 

0830 arrived and the moon was starting to move over the suns path as you can see below i have put a collection of my images together to show the event. The Weather was still 50/50 with thick cloud and patchy areas of blue but it paid off and i managed to watch it all the way but what a shame here in Cheshire we didn't get to the see the full eclipse like Northern Scotland got to see.

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Northern Lights UK  Good evening all well what a good couple of days it has been for everybody getting the opportunity to see the Aurora in the UK unfortunately due to an eye infection i couldn't get out to see them on Tuesday night but on Wed evening i took a trip out to Holme Moss where there was just a glimmer of green but loads of stars showing as well as Venus and jupiter on show.

Check out the couple of images which i have in the gallery Northern Lights in My Portfolio. Northern Lights UK

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Welcome Wellcome to Vicky Mansfield Photography's blog page.

On this page i will be putting up special offers and also show off some of my work and write more about what, where and when things had happened or what we did on different shoots so keep your eyes peel for more future blogs.



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