Vicky Mansfield Photography | About

I wasn't the girl who played dressing up and dreamt of a pink Barbie car. I wasn't the girl who planned her wedding at 11yrs old. I wasn't even the girl who hoped for a life outside of a 9-5 job, even though I desperately of such.

Ive lived my life carefully partitioned between what was safe and secure which landed me within the Security Industry, Locking my creativity in a box and stifling my soul, Until I let myself dream out loud.

After years of saving I brought my first camera. I unwrapped the box, but what I didn't realize then was that I also was unwrapping my dreams. With little experience, no training, but a lot of heart, I set out to become a photographer.... and that's precisely what happened.

I let my dreams steer me towards my hopes and it resulted in taking a risk i'm proud of.